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Killer Cop & 3 More Italian 70s Bs come to Blu-Ray
Staci Layne Wilson
Killer Cop, also known as La polizia ha le mani legate (which translates from Italian to “The police have their hands tied”) is a 1975 crime thriller helmed by a director I admire very much for his gialli: Luciano Ercoli did Death Walks at Midnight, and Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion.

It’s a complex, and sometimes convoluted, story which crams everything from murder, drug deals, police corruption, and international terrorism into its running time. There’s lots of dialogue (basically, it seems every Italian YELLS CONSTANTLY) so you must pay close attention until the big finish, which is actually quite exciting as it’s a shoot-out in a crowded train station which Ercoli obviously choreographed very meticulously.

The Blu-ray restoration is beautiful, thanks to Raro Video’s careful attention to details in going from the original 35mm negative to HD. There’s also an interview, a fully illustrated booklet, and new and improved English subtitle translation.

Also newly available (from Blue Underground)

·         1990 The Bronx Warriors
·         The New Barbarians
·         Escape from the Bronx


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